Rodeo Masbateño, Masbate Province

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is an annual event in Masbate that showcases the province’s cattle and livestock industry. Masbate was declared as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. The highlight of the festival is the Rodeo National Finals which is participated by professional and amateur rodeo clubs from around the country. Some of the events of this sport are the Bull Riding, Casting Down, Carambola & the Cattle Run. During Carambola, the strongest wins! Sometimes, accident happens, as the cows are really wild kind.

Pagdulang Festival, Aroroy, Masbate

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“Pagdulang”, which literally means the hand-to-hand process of separating gold nuggets from soil using the so-called dulang (a cone-shaped round pan made of wood or metal sheet) along the beds of the river. This is part of the mining activities called the gold panning and gold sluicing. Inspired by this perpetual scenery everyday particularly the continuous shaking and rotating motion of the panners and how their bodies dance with joy after seeing the grams of gold inside the dulang is truly rejoicing and a thanksgiving. This danceable depiction caught the attention of Mrs. Marilyn Mercenario Manaloto, a teacher and a cultural dance researcher in Aroroy National High School who eventually made a thorough research of the common livelihood of the people of Aroroy, the “pagdulang” and alas the birth of “Pagdulang Folkdance”. This native and original dance describes how gold panners of Aroroy were able to find gold as their main livelihood with the use of simple round pan called “dulangan”. Today, the Local Government Unit of Aroroy adopted the said cultural dance with the approval of the said dance researcher to be the official festival of the municipality. Thus, making it Pagdulang Festival which is being staged annually in celebration of Aroroy’s Founding Anniversary every 17th of November.


A religious festival celebrated yearly in line with the town fiesta, which falls during the month of October. It features street dancing depicting the people’s lives and their livelihood done as a means of offering to their patron saint.



A procession at sea participated by devotees in honor of Patron Saint Raphael the Archangel.


Celebrated on a full moon of May. This is participated in by the different sectors in the municipality featuring contests, all of which involving “Crabs.”


Observed annually on November 17, it features sportsfest, parlor games and other merry making activities participated in by government agencies and local residents. Also showcases AROROY TOURISM DAY with the annual search for Bb. Aroroy Foundation, PAGDULANG DANCE FESTIVAL, a street dancing presentation depicting the traditional way of extracting gold and/or panning, AROROY GOT TALENT, showcasing immense local talents in dancing, singing and other performing arts.

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Pangumagat festival, Baleno, Masbate

The fiesta is part and bundle of Filipino culture. Pangumagat festival is a yearly celebration of Balud Masbate. It held in 2nd week of April and had been an attraction to tourists. The word “pangumagat” means “panguma” and “panagat” which are the mean source of income in this place. In this festival, people can witness different kinds of performing arts like street dancing competition, singing competition and the famous Mutya ng Balud.