BFAR, Province of Masbate – In the local ‘RED TIDE’ warning of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) OIC Regional Director Nelson B. Bien, Dr.F.T. issued October 6, 2022, it serves as precautionary advice to the consuming public to refrain from gathering, selling, buying and eating all types of shellfish and ‘acetes’ or locally known as ‘alamang’ from the coastal waters of Milagros, Masbate. Chronicle News and Public Affairs had the exclusive bulletin.

The BFAR OIC Regional Director declared, based on their laboratory examination using screening test, Enzyme Linked Immannabsorbent Assay (ELISA) or Lateral Flow ImmunoChromatography (LFIC) shellfish meat samples collected from the coastal waters of Milagros, Masbate are POSITIVE with Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP).

Thus, in order to safeguard human lives and mitigate impacts to the shellfish industry while waiting for the BFAR Central Office confirmatory results using Receptor Binding Assay (RBA), this WARNING is issued as precautionary advice to the consuming public.

On the other hand, BFAR Masbate Biologist Laarni A. Bayaban divulged to Chronicle that as of the current time, at least 25-people were hospitalized due to food poisoning after they ate shellfish as their meal.

Bayaban said upon their investigation, they observed that the seawater of Milagros was cloudy, and seemed polluted with home wastes and other garbage floating on it.

She emphasized that polluted seawater serves as a breeding ground of compound microorganism and later on becomes the red tide that infects shells.

She said fish, squid, shrimps and crabs are safe for human consumption provided that they are fresh and washed thoroughly, and internal organs such as pills and intestines are removed before cooking.

Luckily, BFAR reported no case of death. They also bared, those hospitalized individuals are now in the process of recovery.

The BFAR and LGU Milagros continuously monitor the above-mentioned area to safeguard the public.

Source: Peter P. Corpus exclusive report. Governor’s Office